Civilab Australia holds accreditation with the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia and the laboratory complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 (2005).


Mark Fieldhouse - S.A. and N.T. NDM Calibrations

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5/30 Raglan Ave, 
SA 5039

Accreditation Number 15406

Scope: 2.54.10 Nuclear Moisture/Density Gauges Blocks Calibration






Civilab Australia recognises that accuracy, quality service and delivery times are key indicators of its Calibration Service performance.

All Civilab employees engaged in calibration services are responsible for the quality of their efforts and are required to comply with the Company's quality system as outlined in its Quality Manual.





The laboratory management is committed to good professional practice,quality of service with compliance to ISO/IEC 17025

By implementing quality management, Civilab aims to provide assurance of calibration accuracy to its clients.

The policy of Civilab Australia is to:

- Consistently provide calibration facilities and services which comply with relevant Australian Standards, Codes or other specifications nominated by the client.

- Ensure that calibration technicians are proficient and are able to perform calibration tests and associated tasks without undue pressure that might influence their technical judgement.

- Ensure that all calibration staff will not engage in activities that may cause the laboratory to compromise Confidence in its impartiality.

This shall be undertaken through planning and controlling the managerial aspects of the work, verifying that the outcomes of the planning and control activities have been successful.

NATA endorsed calibration reports shall only be used for equipment calibration where the Company has obtained NATA accreditation.

The company also aims to achieve improved productivity, efficiency and quality by having an effective and properly managed quality system.