For over 30 years CIVILAB AUSTRALIA has been the leader in supplying the Civil Engineering Industry with a comprehensive range of QUALITY, DEPENDABLE SOIL TESTING EQUIPMENT designed to AUSTRALIAN and INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.

Our rugged products include full range of CBR equipment and accessories, DCP and POCKET PENETROMETERS, LIQUID LIMIT DEVICES, COMPACTION EQUIPMENT as well as MOISTURE DENSITY GAUGES.

AS 1289.1 - Soil Preparation  
Laboratory Equipment AS1289.1.1
AS 1289.2 - Moisture Content  
Drying Ovens AS1289.2.1
AMC 2000 Drying Oven AS1289.2.1
AS 1289.3 - Soil Classification  
Liquid Limit - Casagrande Type AS1289.3
Liquid Limit - Cone Penetrometer AS1289.3.3.2 & QDOT
Sand Equivalent Value AS1289.3.7.1
Pinhole Dispersion AS1289.3.8.3
AS 1289.5 - Soil Compaction and Density  
Soil Compaction Equipment AS1289.5
Compaction Moulds AS1289.5.1.1 & AS1289.5.2.1
Sand Replacement - Density Cones AS1289.5.3.1
Sand Replacement - Sand Pouring Can AS1289.5.3.2
Density Mould Set AS1289.5.5.1
AS 1289.6.1 - CBR  
CBR Machine AS1289.6.1
CBR Machine AS1289.6.1
CBR Mould Test Set AS1289.6.1
CBR Mould and Accessories AS1289.6.1
AS 1289.6.3 - Penetration Resistance  
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer AS1289.6.3.2
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer AS1289.6.3.2
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Accessories AS1289.6.3.2
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer KIT AS1289.6.3.2
AS 1289.6.7 - Permeability  
Permeability Apparatus - Moulds AS1289.6.7
Permeability Apparatus - Roller Mill AS1289.6.7
Sieve Shaker  
EFL 300 Sieve Shaker  
Octagon Digital Sieve Shaker  
Moisture/ Density  
Humboldt Nuclear Density Gauge AS1289.5.8
Unconfined Compressive Strength  
UCS Machine RMS - T116
Pocket Penetrometers  
Pocket Penetrometers  
Pocket Penetrometers